Head Baker

Meet Cortney

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Humans aren't born bakers, they learn to become one.

Growing up in a house that wasn’t concerned with eating home cooked meals, I didn’t understand the importance of cooking with quality ingredients. It wasn’t until some diet changes I made later in high school, that I would fall in love with the process of making food.

With a new focus on cooking and eating healthier foods, I decided to pursue a degree in nutrition. Baking in college was always a hobby, but mainly making consisted of desserts. Once my friend introduced me to naturally leavened bread, however, things started to change.

In the midst of balancing books and baking, I had this epiphany. Could something that most people thought of as unhealthy, be good for you? Suddenly, the impossible seemed possible, and bread became my destiny.

Following your dreams is exactly what you should do.

Baking naturally leavened bread takes time, a lot of it in fact. So there wasn’t much time for it before graduating college. Soon after I had a full-time job that needed me 7 days a week. With that kind of schedule, it was hard to fit time in for baking bread. My outlets for baking would be giving bread as a gift or bringing some to a dinner party, but it wasn't enough.

“Hello? Are you there? It’s your destiny calling.”

There was this call, slowly but surely, getting louder and louder until it was practically screaming inside my head. Do what you love. And you know what I love? Making bread and baked goods. So I decided to follow my destiny, leave LA, and move to the magical city of Portland, OR.

After moving I spent a lot of time getting to know different people in the community, producers of the PNW, and other restaurant entrepreneurs. A perfect opportunity came when I got connected with Kitchenhood Commissary, and Wyld Bread was born. I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate following my dreams than to serve bread that makes people feel good, supports the community, and is only made with three ingredients. And maybe eat a cookie or two :). That isn’t to say this journey hasn’t been hard, scary, or stressful – it’s been all of those things. But I can’t wait to share our bread and baked goods with you, and I know it’ll change the way you think and feel about it too.


Food styling & photography by Local Haven and AJ Meeker